so if you know #gmic ( it can work with luts (colour lookup tables). and gmic comes with a set of tables by itself.

so it is easy to apply luts to images by using these default luts. i don’t know yet how those luts originated, did anyone test, for instance, films, shooting colour checkers under reference light, but i wanted to see how the luts look. all of them. so i made a small script which callse gmic with all presets.

gmic -input $i map_clut $l -output ${j}_${l}.jpg

and now i can compare those. as $l represents lut name, the names of files have lut in them. i did not choose any particularly good image in terms of colours or scene, just something what i found in my phone that day.

so you can find my tests at and #lut #graphics #photo

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

is it already a well known fact, that default sailfish camera on xa2 gives a choice of 16mpx (16:9) or 13mpx (4:3), while piggz’ camera: 5984x3392 (187x106) max, which is 19 mpx? at the same time lineage os default camera gives: 22.9mpx (4:3) and 20.2 mpx (when using 16:9 resolution), strange.

#sailfish #camera #xa2 #sony #lineageos #photo

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photos of Masha Ivashintsova are now exhibited in Tallinn. the official website, run by her daughter features worse quality scans, than the links below.

Just like Vivian, Masha had not seen most of her photos - those are undeveloped negatives. It is obvious for me, that she was trying to make art, she did know what is photography, and she was working, and she loved what she was doing.

latest petapixel article: old petapixel article: rfefl article, very good one, it gives you also political and historical perspective: artnet article featuring more beautiful photos:

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i made a same shot with mamiya rb-67, polaroid sx-70, lomography instant wide, mamiya zm and canon 6d. so you know something about my camera collection.


my kitchen, yesterday.

kodak tri-x pushed to 800 in olympus xa-2, developed in d-76. scanned with pacific image xa2 se.

#tri-x #mamiya #photo #film-photography i am getting free so i’ll publish photos on flickr soon

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