We have been informed that we’re not allowed to ship devices with the encryption capabilities of the PineTab, PinePhone and Pinebook Pro into the Russian Federation. Shipping these devices could (and has multiple times in the past) lead to confiscation of the devices at the border by customs and even to being outright banned or barred from entering the country.


those are good devices, try to get your hands on!

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

what I value, and understood recently that it has to be valued, is that not only Artsakh ministry of defence, but also Armenian ministry of defence, publish names of the killed staff. They publish different names.

Armenian ministry of defence does not hide the presence of it’s people in Artsakh.

I did not know this can be an issue, before I saw how Putin’s Russia behave. Russia does not acknowledge it’s military men, when they get catched. Russia shows their wives (or may be those are not real wives) on tv and says - they already left the army. Yesterday.

Like if it is easy to leave army. Like if any one would like to die for Russia, by knowing that his death will never be acknowledged, accepted. They’ve sent him to die, and they reject him at the same time. They won’t bargain for him, in case he will become a captive, but at the same time, they keep captives, or let’s say hostages like Savchenko to bargain benefits for her.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

it would be understandable, if you, by being marginals, or opposition in your countries, who knows how government controls media, and does it’s propaganda, feel somehow close, have some solidarity with the same people in Russia. To know what marginals and non government controlled media writes. To know what people think.

So the “russia today” which is sometimes shared here expresses the point of view of the Russian government. Which shouldn’t be taken as truth only because you dislike your own government. Or if you dislike USA.

That is why I would like to present to you the site, which describes itself as “the real russia today”: https://meduza.io/en

formerly, lenta dot ru, which wasn’t opposition or pro west news site, was taken under control of the state (as most other media) and some of it’s former employees formed meduza.io site. i think you have to know this side. it’s real in terms that it’s not a state propaganda. it’s one of the remaining free media. very weak, alas.

You may dislike it, because you won’t understand many texts. It’s targeted the internal reader, while government RT targets you, uses the language you can understand, and knows which strings to pull to manipulate it’s market. (:

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

Putin introduced to Duma a new law proposal, about a creation of National Guards. Corresponding information have appeared in the electronic database of the parliament.

Law defines composition and the tasks of the new force. In particular, guards can check the citizen’s documents, arrest them in order to hand to the police, “if there are enough evidences of law violation or administrative offense”.

Also, National Guards can use force and arms without issuing a warning “in case of direct threat to citizens or other guards”. “Guard has a right to not issue a warning before using physical force, special means, or firearms, if delaying the action can threaten life or health of the citizen, other guard, or can lead to serious consequences”.

Among the “special means” the law lists rubber batons, gas grenades, handcuffs, means of distracting by sound and light effects, the means for breaking barriers and forced stoppage of transport, as well as service animals.

Guards can beleaguer terrains, in particular in order to prevent mass rallies, restrict or prohibit the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Opposition assumes that practically, it’s a creation of the alternative army, aimed to protect the regime and Putin personally. Emiliya Slabunova from the “Yabloko” commented that “National Guards is an attempt to secure the authorities from the protests and rallies before the coming elections”. “State turns in to monster, and increases power structures at the expenses of education and healthcare”.

source (in Russian).

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

And I love this author, Anton Nossik:

Azerbaijan was waiting for this revenge bore than 20 years.

Military and political preparations for the current events have been done during all these years.

Interesting question - why exactly now?

That’s simple: only Azerbaijan needs war today. And certainly known why - to return lost in 1994 territories, where now located not recognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Return of the territories, populated by Armenians under the control of Azerbaijan - that is understandable, concrete, never hidden, loudly declared task. Which wasn’t possible to solve 22 years by political means, and now, according to the definition of Karl von Klausevitz, is starting “the continuation of politics by other means”. However that is a politics of Azerbaijan alone, not the “all conflict sides”.

And it’s very much understandable, how this war can be stopped in 20 seconds. By one phone call from Kremlin to Baku, and one simple phrase: “Armenia is our ally”. Nobody in Baku is ready to fight Russia. And they would “go back to the previously prepared positions”. And defer “the continuation of politics by other means” to the better times, which are worser.

source (in russian)

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)