every time I say something about how Russia does something, in my opinion, negative, like censorship, limiting freedom of speech, some people react by defending it, they say that USA is no better. Like It’s okay to do that if USA does that too.

No, it’s not okay! It’s the same as saying that if Peter have stolen, it does give a right to Vasia to steal. No, it does not. Nobody should steal.

And yes, I believe, USA and Europe are in much better situation. And people have more control over the government. And corruption is incomparably weaker. And courts are incomparably more independent. And yes, Russian imperialism and obscurantism affects me, because it affects my country. It’s like American imperialism affects people somewhere let’s say in the middle east.

I would like to add something for my Russian friends. I love your country, I love your language, I love your culture. I really love them. You are amazing. I just wish you be free from tyranny and become a well developed modern nation. With cool technologies. To become a real player, to signify. Not by selling oil. By creating technologies, by science. You can do that. That’s your government’s fault that you’re going back in time now. I wish you to be able to change it.

#russia #usa #imperialism #people #government #freedom

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