Putin introduced to Duma a new law proposal, about a creation of National Guards. Corresponding information have appeared in the electronic database of the parliament.

Law defines composition and the tasks of the new force. In particular, guards can check the citizen’s documents, arrest them in order to hand to the police, “if there are enough evidences of law violation or administrative offense”.

Also, National Guards can use force and arms without issuing a warning “in case of direct threat to citizens or other guards”. “Guard has a right to not issue a warning before using physical force, special means, or firearms, if delaying the action can threaten life or health of the citizen, other guard, or can lead to serious consequences”.

Among the “special means” the law lists rubber batons, gas grenades, handcuffs, means of distracting by sound and light effects, the means for breaking barriers and forced stoppage of transport, as well as service animals.

Guards can beleaguer terrains, in particular in order to prevent mass rallies, restrict or prohibit the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Opposition assumes that practically, it’s a creation of the alternative army, aimed to protect the regime and Putin personally. Emiliya Slabunova from the “Yabloko” commented that “National Guards is an attempt to secure the authorities from the protests and rallies before the coming elections”. “State turns in to monster, and increases power structures at the expenses of education and healthcare”.

source (in Russian).

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also from Waal:

Under this scenario, President Vladimir Putin can then intervene as the real peacemaker between the two sides and demand a peace deal that includes Russian peacekeepers on the ground.

The trouble with this theory is that Russia, although the most important secondary actor in the Karabakh conflict, does not control the situation on the ground. It is not powerful enough to make the Armenian or Azerbaijani military forces do as it wants. They are strongly independent bodies, answerable only to their own presidents. Russia’s ability to shape events is probably smaller than it looks.

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My German friend, when he lives in Yerevan, rents a room in some family apartment. it’s not only cheaper, but also he is able to socialize and understand locals better.

Last time he was renting a room in the flat of the elderly couple of musicians. they were speaking Russian, and were cursing Putin every day. He was asking, how it’s possible.

— Why, aren’t there people in Russia who disagree with his politics? — asked I and answered myself — Of course there are. Also, they speak Russian because educated people had to know well the language of the empire, and it was becoming a standard, default language for the educated class. it’s normal that educated people understand who is Putin, and don’t like him.

other time our German friend said:

— I’ve got acquainted with Armenian family from diaspora, from LA. They left Armenia in early eighties, but they look like stereotypical Americans - fat, they subsist hamburgers and they drink coca-cola. They were very thankful to Russia, they said: “Russia gave Armenians land to live and breed”.

He recounted it with small sparks in his eyes, wondering how we’ll react. i wanted to start explaining that it might be typical for Armenians who left in early eighties, and why. But my friend was unable to resist, and he shouted:

— it’s bullshit!

Now our German friend rents a room at the old woman’s apartment, previously she was soviet engineer. now she does “alternative medicine”. One of her patients has cancer and she believes that she can cure him with her movements. “When i awake, and see someone lays in the kitchen, i realize i cannot get a cup of water” - complains our friend. He also says that this elderly woman loves Putin.

— Why not? — said my local friend — Putin also can be considered as “alternative medicine”.

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one of my colleagues told how he was poisoning ants at his “dacha”. i said:

— i’ve read a story about it by Levon Khechoian.
— who is he?
— he recently died, i guess he grown up in the village. he was writing sometimes mystic stories, very often about cruelty, and i believe he has a line about betrayal in almost every his work.
— well, I don’t consider killing ants as a cruelty. — he said.
— why?
— yes, when I was a child, we were killing a lot of them. i was doing carpet bombings, used burning plastic bottles, bulldozed their anthills with my feet, and was making crystal coffins. do you know what’s that?
— no.
— when you put a glass over ant and hit it with the rock.
here chief said:
— well, as we can see, memory about medieval inquisition is still alive.
— yes, — he said proudly, — I was probably one of them in my former lives.

needless to say, he also adores and respects Putin and Stalin, he’s homophobic, and he’s a sexist. Exactly as RAW wrote.

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inscription on the t-shirt says “the most polite among humans”. it refers to “polite men” or in other words “little green men” used during Crimea annexation.

I saw a machine at the Domodedovo airport, you know those machines that sell sweets and drinks, so there was a machine which was selling t-shirts with putin on them. this kind of t-shirt was there too.

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in the “bukvoyed” book store you can buy portraits of putin and medvedev. they are stored behing the glass, it is the most secured item in the store. can’t touch em.

i guess, this is to simplify your work - you don’t need to make a portrait in order to hung on your wall yourself. moreover, portrait which you have made may not be good enough. so you have these approved portraits.

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