My German friend, when he lives in Yerevan, rents a room in some family apartment. it’s not only cheaper, but also he is able to socialize and understand locals better.

Last time he was renting a room in the flat of the elderly couple of musicians. they were speaking Russian, and were cursing Putin every day. He was asking, how it’s possible.

— Why, aren’t there people in Russia who disagree with his politics? — asked I and answered myself — Of course there are. Also, they speak Russian because educated people had to know well the language of the empire, and it was becoming a standard, default language for the educated class. it’s normal that educated people understand who is Putin, and don’t like him.

other time our German friend said:

— I’ve got acquainted with Armenian family from diaspora, from LA. They left Armenia in early eighties, but they look like stereotypical Americans - fat, they subsist hamburgers and they drink coca-cola. They were very thankful to Russia, they said: “Russia gave Armenians land to live and breed”.

He recounted it with small sparks in his eyes, wondering how we’ll react. i wanted to start explaining that it might be typical for Armenians who left in early eighties, and why. But my friend was unable to resist, and he shouted:

— it’s bullshit!

Now our German friend rents a room at the old woman’s apartment, previously she was soviet engineer. now she does “alternative medicine”. One of her patients has cancer and she believes that she can cure him with her movements. “When i awake, and see someone lays in the kitchen, i realize i cannot get a cup of water” - complains our friend. He also says that this elderly woman loves Putin.

— Why not? — said my local friend — Putin also can be considered as “alternative medicine”.

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