Can parliaments and political parties overcome these challenges and forestall the darker scenarios? At the current moment this does not seem likely. Technological disruption is not even a leading item on the political agenda. During the 2016 U.S. presidential race, the main reference to disruptive technology concerned Hillary Clinton’s email debacle, and despite all the talk about job loss, neither candidate directly addressed the potential impact of automation. Donald Trump warned voters that Mexicans would take their jobs, and that the U.S. should therefore build a wall on its southern border. He never warned voters that algorithms would take their jobs, nor did he suggest building a firewall around California.

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I cannot remember all the details. But I remember one peace conference with the French where the Vietminh were not invited. On Sept. 14, when ho signed this basically hollow document, he was heard to murmur, “I am signing my own death warrant.” But to a colleague he concluded, “there is noting else to do but fight.” Ho returned to Vietnam, but then fighting broke out in Haiphong, Mus said, that Ho had been betrayed, adding, “I use the word betrayed with full knowledge of what it means.” After that, Ho never placed faith in negotiations.

At one point, Ho went to Paris for talks again, but the French put him aboard a very slow ship while behind He’s back, they tried to install a French puppet government in his absence.

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During and after wwii many ethnic germans were expelled: firsly, afaik from Baltian countries, as a result of Stalin/Hitler agreement (division of Poland, Baltia…) and later also from Poland, Chekhoslovakia.

To describe these people in FRG the word ‘vertriebene’ (expelled) have been used. While in GDR the word was ‘umsiedler’ (resettled).

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this is how many of you, diasporians, harm me, and other people of so called “third countries”.

so, we here, in our third countries, also want to move forward towards, as Michio Kaku put this, type 1 civilization. not backwards.

there are a lot of people in power, who wants us to go back to medieval ages. one of their main instruments is religion, when they bind it to the government. does not matter if this is written on paper, it practically occurs.

now, obviously, we don’t want to go there. we want to move toward future, and we have a lot of problems to solve on the way, which you already solved. for example, we have to establish working democracy.

it’s not easy, and you do impede us, most of you, probably unconsciously. you don’t understand whom you serving to. some of you, may be, on purpose.

so, yes, your countries are also corrupted. and democracy in your countries certainly has flows. every system has. you are worried by that. that’s good.

however, when we say about our problems, about our corruption, about corruption in russia, which exports it to territories it tries to control you defend putin.

you say very important thing - “it’s a same way in the west”.

and by doing that, you don’t only devalue achievements of your society, this is exactly what our government tells us, when we try to fight for the better system. they say - “there is no democracy anywhere in the world. it’s not a democracy in the west, so you don’t have to struggle for that. just accept us and let us rob and rape you”.

now i must explain to you, as if you were kids. sorry for that. yes, you also have corruption. of course you have. yes you also have a lot of problems. i see them. i understand you. but that’s another level of problems. you don’t get it.

you see, Obama will leave. Obama won’t do anything to stay third time. You say it does not matter. No, it matters. You don’t get that it matters. It’s not the same as having forever ruler -tsar, khan, whatever you call it. there are so many other differences - in how police works, and how court system implemented, how civil society works, that you don’t see.

without going in to details, what matters is:

when we have corruption, it defines our countries. corruption is the face of our countries.

it happens in the west, but it does not define west. it’s not a face. it happens.

when we have government outrage, it’s a norm. when you have that, it’s not a norm. it’s a problem you raise and often manage to solve. we almost never able to do that.

so yes you have problems, but it’s completely another level of problems.

and when you say - it’s the same, you basically support our corrupted government. they even refer to you in order to control us better.

it’s not the same when the system has flows, and when the system is purulent throughout.

when A robs and rapes and steals every day, when it’s a norm, and when B have stolen a couple of times, there is a difference.

you say - see, B also steals, it’s the same. No, it’s not. By saying that you support A, and you hurt and harm us.

Please don’t be so stupid. Understand that.

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