and then, i thought, what did we gain with wayland. ok we loose things, but for what?

11 years after the first release, what we have is comparable performance to X.

11 years is a lot of time. you had everything, all corporate resources, political force to push this technology, money to develop, and still, 11 years after the first release - comparable performance.

should i believe to wayland?

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p. s. if i use wayland + gnome | kde (and those are cpu hoggers, let’s say you cannot deal with audio + gnome/kde, gentoo-studio recommends and ships by default xfce, but even xfce is too heavy for me) then i loose speed anyway, because gnome/kde.

and if the speed of xorg vs wayland is comparable, then windowmaker on xorg is faster than gnome on wayland.

p. p. s. phoronix has to remove ‘php’ letters from its url apis, to be free to change underlying php and get rid of it.

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