why xz compression is not good to keep files, see what wget developer writes about it: https://www.nongnu.org/lzip/xz_inadequate.html

see also ycombinator thread https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12768425

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and then, i thought, what did we gain with wayland. ok we loose things, but for what?


11 years after the first release, what we have is comparable performance to X.

11 years is a lot of time. you had everything, all corporate resources, political force to push this technology, money to develop, and still, 11 years after the first release - comparable performance.

should i believe to wayland?

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p. s. if i use wayland + gnome | kde (and those are cpu hoggers, let’s say you cannot deal with audio + gnome/kde, gentoo-studio recommends and ships by default xfce, but even xfce is too heavy for me) then i loose speed anyway, because gnome/kde.

and if the speed of xorg vs wayland is comparable, then windowmaker on xorg is faster than gnome on wayland.

p. p. s. phoronix has to remove ‘php’ letters from its url apis, to be free to change underlying php and get rid of it.

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The Wayland architecture integrates the display server, window manager and compositor into one process. You can think of Wayland as a toolkit for creating clients and compositors. It is not a specific single compositor or window manager. If you want a different window manager, you can write a new one.

I don’t know much about Wayland but the immediate question is: Why would you want to do that? If Wayland has it’s own window manager built in why do you need another one? It’s like support for Windows or OS X. Not needed as those systems have their own window managers and not really support replacing it. This is contrary to X which has no window manager by default and allows and encourages others to implement it. Window Maker is a window manager for X (as stated in the info box) and Wayland aims to be an incompatible replacement of X. So they are not really a good match at first sight.


now, they say - use wayland, it’s a new and good thing. this is a dealbreaker for me. i can’t live without windowmaker.

also, says

If Wayland has it’s own window manager built in why do you need another one?

wait, how? seriously? if there’s a one brand of bread, why would you need another one?

this is centralization again.

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i have been written this comparison two months ago in armenian, when set up local mastodon instance. let me try to translate.

so diaspora vs mastodon.


— diaspora has markdown support — mastodon has not. — diaspora provides atom feeds — mastodon does not։ (the comment under armenian post says that mastodon version 2.3.1 actually provides atom feeds) — diaspora has mail like system — mastodon has no։ — diaspora has real time chat — mastodon has no։ — diaspora can strip geolocation information from images. — diaspora can crosspost to twitter, facebook, tumblr, wordpress. mastodon cannot. — diaspora has post preview. — recent feature - diaspora provides embedded players for media links.

— it is possible to follow/subscribe to the tag in diaspora. in mastodon as i understand, you can pin the tag and see it always in one of the columns of desktop web view.

— mastodon streams are autoupdating. as i understand they use push, and it’s very fast. also i like it because you see life is happening. diaspora page has to be reloaded manually, it only shows notification count. — diaspora has no API, mastodon has. — that’s why there are several useful applications for mastodon, but no one for diaspora. — mastodon allows to customize your page a bit more, and to choose that long header image. — mastodon has user data import/export, therefore migration, but that’s coming to diaspora. — mastodon provides a feature to silence not only a person, but node or tag. — mastodon provides separate stream for all public posts on a node, and that i find useful. — it’s much easier to set up local community rules from the admin interface. — admin interface has much more features.


in diaspora, in my opinion, people not from our node usually tend to not write, but share links or images. also, they are mostly from europe, and leftist. let’s take in to consideration, that american lefts are right compared to european lefts.

in mastodon people from not our node usually come from twitter background, therefore the text is more common there. even if it’s realtime shitposting, i love that. also, they seem different to me, not necessarily mostly left. there seem to be more people, and more technical as well. it looks like there are more life than in diaspora.

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