Jan was saying that the pull request has to be immediately approved, even if it breaks the code. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdyOOGwSdbs

This is also about so called “instant gratification” which our limbic system likes so much.

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I think, that GPLv3 is a license for which there came historical necessity.

Some people do not want their code to be used to lock devices. These people need a corresponding license.

And, I think that there is a historical necessity for the license, which does not allow to use the software by/for dictatorships/authoritarian regimes.

Because there might be someone who do not want let’s say his software to be used in order to prepare lists of political prisoners. I would not want to help even a soft regime.

The question which comes, then, who/how to decide which regime is authoritarian, which is dictatorship. Should the license contain direct pointers to the number of countries, or to refer to other organization’s assessments.

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It is often said that the government is not able to use money/resources efficiently. As efficient as private entrepreneurs can. Well, I agree.

However recently I’ve seen a couple of proprietary software projects, which were closed by the authors. You cannot download the mobile application. There is no website. It’s over.

And I have thought about community projects, collaborative projects. It looks like sometimes community projects can be even more efficient, because(if) they have no(limited) means to earn money. They decrease expenses as much as possible, and design software accordingly. And they can be more sustainable, though they have no income. Of course it depends on the community size. Number of speakers of the technology. (:

An example? Consider failed social network start-up. Now consider Diaspora. Social network start-up had to pay a lot for servers and infrastructure. Keep a space, and developers. Diaspora is hosted in different places, even on cheap one board computers. That’s about design and efficiency. Of course it has problems, and the development is not that fast as desirable. But the project is very efficient in some aspects.

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We all have seen those tables, which explain which free software can be a replacement for proprietary software.

When I was installing GNU/Linux to my friends, I was trying not to tell them - “this is replacement of that”, but show them some features that they did not even know about, something that exists only in GNU/Linux world.

I think, it’s not a very good sign, when we have many free software projects that tend to implement the same product as proprietary project.

In that case, it means that innovation first happens in proprietary world, then we try to copy and implement it, to not fall far behind. And very often our implementations are not good enough.

We need more “authentic” free projects, and let the proprietary software try to copy/implement it. In that case they will fall behind.

I think it’s not a coincidence that innovative ideas happen in proprietary thinking brains. This is because they think “what new thing can we do in order to earn?”. And we are too busy implementing free analogues of that proprietary software, often not good as original.

May be that’s because we are not used to think innovative enough. We ourselves tend to think more in terms of “repeating”, instead of “innovating”.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings. - may be I need to put it under every post I write.

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that’s what happens, when proprietary product fails to gather necessary market share, and is not viable by market terms.


if it were free, it would be alive.

moral: don’t support proprietary software on kickstarter.

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