Today I’ve got a warning that there is shortage of space on SD card. Was surprised, started to check. It turned out there is a file in the root, called “stream.wav”, and information is actively being written to it. I’ve listened the content - every event, talks, recording from the microphone for last 2 days. Checked my tablet - the same shit. As I am using CyanogenMod on my tablet, I have found out the reason pretty soon(see screenshot). Spying app is Yandex.Navigator. Now I’ll check logs of my home router, happily I have FreeBSD there, and I log everything, will check where my information went. Block this app or better uninstall it for good!

Yandex commented that it’s a bug.


Yes I believe it’s a bug indeed. We weren’t supposed to know that it spies, and it wasn’t supposed to eat such amount of space probably to remain unnoticed. Yandex will fix the bug and it’ll be harder to notice that it’s apps are spying after people. (:

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