my friend was telling me that her daughter was telling her (sorry did not find a better way to express?) which of her friends has which kind of phone.

and my friend asked her - “why it is even interesting?”.

i understand, that my friend perceived this talk on phones as a talk of luxury. that the daughter tells her sort of who wears which kind of ring.

but firstly, i guess it’s not about luxury.

it’s about technology, about gadgets, about improving life experience, and about taste.

and i think her daughter is smart enough if she thinks of it.

also recently when i got this xperia xa2, i would never imagine, that this can impact my life so much. sincerely.

it was under android first, and i experienced connectivity and android apps i never experienced before. let’s say mastodon apps. i got notifications from dandelion. i was in the other city and i used google translate to commuticate with taxi drivers, i used google maps to tell them how to find a destination (omg, such incompetent taxi drivers!), and to find necessary places around, i used airbnb too.

of course i did not feel good under android, and i wanted to get rid of it asap. and i am happy now it’s under sailfish, and i feel more in control, both technologically - i manage my playlists with makefiles, youtube-dl and git, and well, spiritually, i know it does not report every my step to big corporations.

yes, i have no many useful apps, but it’s okay. i am trying to write something for sailfish now and feel myself a useful member of community.

i had a feeling like that in maemo times.

and this device even under sailfish impacts life so much! and i have to confess, that the quality of the product is indeed very important, for example the quality of the screen does not compare with jolla, though xa2 is a midrange device. (shell i mention that midrange in ‘west’ equals to extremely cool in armenia?)

i think i did not often spend $300 that impacted my life so much. it is hard to imagine what could i do with this money to achieve comparable life impact.

so life impact/price ratio is pretty high in case of gadgets.

and it is obvious that my friend’s daughter was interested in gadgets and was telling her about those.

this is not about luxury, i guess every low educated person in my city who cares a lot about devices, unconsciously feels, recognizes the importance of those devices.

what they also do, they do care about vehicles. i never understood that because i was non developed person. i did not know how the car changes your life. i never expected that the car could have such an impact on my life.

and now i love cars. that was never the case. i am interested in these technologies, i try to ‘look’ after my cars well, i understand how this technology impacts my life. #impact #life #technologies

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This page refers to some technologies as “computer science fiction”. Among them to Oberon. This brings another meaning to Vishap oberon compiler. Oberon is like aliens, ghosts. And Vishaps.

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