i do not like the armenian startup ‘picsart’, the pride of many, because of different, mostly technical reasons, but i really like that it’s the first successful company, which promotes remixing, and encourages you to upload a photo under a license which provides opportunity to remix. they even have a hash tag, #freetoremix, if i am not mistaken. #picsart #instagram #photography #mobile_photography

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i feel a bit guilty that i don’t share texts with you recently. i write in the armenian stream but not here.

so let me tell you something which i did not write there because i have been written there the same in the other context.

i want to tell you why i feel reluctant to use instagram. years ago i wrote here (and if diaspora navigation would be better, here would be the link to that post) that i have many questions, in particular, is it ethical to post to instagram photos made with dslr or on film?

now i see that well that’s a standard behavior of many photographers. though there is an irony - photographers come to instagram because there is market - a lot of people, and a lot of people they know in person. on the other hand if i would be on instagram, i would follow the photographers, not the people i know. and if the stream would get bigger, i would not be able to follow everyone. i don’t even talk that i try to avoid saass, that’s okay, i would use it, it’s not the only saass i use after all.

but there’s another reason. the maintenance of instagram stream is too much of overhead for me. i find myself trying to avoid unnecessary overheads. to me updating funtoo is not an overhead. it’s a pleasure. as well as driving. if i would be rich i would not have a driver.

but putting photo to a phone ir order to upload to instagram, because instagram only allows to upload from it’s own software (i even don’t mention it’s proprietary, you see?), just the absence of the api to do so is a hustle. and i find myself saving movements. i feel humiliated by obeying those rules. every time i would do that i would feel humiliated.

i am trying to have less ovehread. i have jolla, so often when i have downloaded new track or an album, copying it to the phone takes seconds before getting out of home. i do scp that to the phone, and then while i take the backpack and get out, it’s already there.

but somehow instagram feels like unnecessary overhead i am just trying to keep me away from. #instagram #jolla #hosting

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I know this is not exactly a good place to raise such questions, bun anyway.

Some people share photos on Instagram, that have been taken with phone. some people share pictures that have been taken with digital or film SLR cameras.

Now, how Instagram is defined? Is it a community of people who shoot with phones? Then, how ethical to post there photos made by other, more flexible and powerful devices?

And how much powerful? If I get a phone with a good camera, does it count? How bad should the quality of the image be in order to be okay to post it on Instagram?

Then, if I happen to have a bad scan of a film frame, or just a low quality shot, because I have messed up settings - is it bad enough to post there?

May be then it’s not a phone pictures sharing space, but instant photos sharing space? Then, is it ethical if I share a photo made by my Canon 6D which has WiFi and allows instantly transfer photo to phone?

Or is it just another photo sharing service, which is popular among those who makes photos with phones, and I don’t have to make bad quality shots in order to put there?

Or shell I necessarily apply Instagram filter? Or can I shoot the photo with another camera? This questions also relate to VSCO service. Should I only apply VSCO proprietary filters in order to publish photo on that photo service? And on the other hand, does it make any sense to publish there something which was not created with the help of their software? Then, they have special software for Windows and Mac. Does that count?

Eventually, what if I just want to be connected with local community, people I know in person, and show off my photos to them, because they have no idea what am I doing? Or it is offensive behaviour?

If we were talking about photography sharing space, I would not have this question. Good photo remains a good photo independently of how it was made. Same is true for bad photo. But this place is called Instagram. Does it assume one has to show off only how can he shoot with weak gear?

#instagram #photography #question #cameras #mobile #instant

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what do you think about usage of instagram like effects in mobile photography? or about lomo like effects?

I am asking because I also do photos with mobile, and I wonder, shell we use effects, or try to achieve something beautiful by the frame itself, by knowing limited capabilities, and allowing ourselves just a little, may be, color/light correction?

#photography #photo #instagram #mobile_photography #mobile-photography #mobile #question

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)