so sometimes, though rarely, i need to reload #windowmaker. today something happened, i opened a ‘run’ menu, tried to type in it, and it hung in foreground of all windows. i could move the mouse over the firefox window behind, i could scroll it up and down, and i guess i could close the tab, because on mouse over event wos working. however i could not change to other windows, move to other workspace. dockapps were working.

so i changed to tty with alt+f2, made ps aux | grep wmaker and got two wmaker processes, i needed the second: wmaker --for-real=, got it’s pid. Now issued kill -s SIGUSR1 that pid.

that reloads wmaker. every window stays at its workspacke. you don’t notice any change.

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why xz compression is not good to keep files, see what wget developer writes about it:

see also ycombinator thread

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Modula and Modula-2 went nowhere not because they’re particularly high level languages (they’re not much higher than C!) but because they didn’t have a quasi-free operating system spreading like a virus to bolster their popularity. At the time Unix was almost unique in being a semi-capable operating system written in a portable language that wasn’t wrapped up in billions of proprietary licensing arrangements (because AT&T didn’t notice there was a potential market for it until after the cat had escaped the bag).


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The Wayland architecture integrates the display server, window manager and compositor into one process. You can think of Wayland as a toolkit for creating clients and compositors. It is not a specific single compositor or window manager. If you want a different window manager, you can write a new one.

I don’t know much about Wayland but the immediate question is: Why would you want to do that? If Wayland has it’s own window manager built in why do you need another one? It’s like support for Windows or OS X. Not needed as those systems have their own window managers and not really support replacing it. This is contrary to X which has no window manager by default and allows and encourages others to implement it. Window Maker is a window manager for X (as stated in the info box) and Wayland aims to be an incompatible replacement of X. So they are not really a good match at first sight.


now, they say - use wayland, it’s a new and good thing. this is a dealbreaker for me. i can’t live without windowmaker.

also, says

If Wayland has it’s own window manager built in why do you need another one?

wait, how? seriously? if there’s a one brand of bread, why would you need another one?

this is centralization again.

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aaaaa this is an amazing possibility, if you want to transfer files from one host to the other without scp/rsync, just by using ssh. apparently, ssh can take data from standard input, so the pipeline works like this:

tar -cf - env/novation | ssh "cd /tmp; tar -xf -" #openssh #ssh #network #unix

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