another shot from Nare, Book of Lamentation by Grigor Narekatsi(951-1003), scribe by Stepanos Tyuriketsi at 1366 at Avag monastery.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

All efforts to describe permanent happiness, on the other hand, have been failures, from earliest history onwards.

A book like Brave New World is an expression of the actual fear that modern man feels of the rationalised hedonistic society which it is within his power to create.

For one of the sources of the Fascist movement is the desire to avoid a too- rational and too- comfortable world.

The earlier parts of Gulliver’s Travels are probably the most devastating attack on human society that has ever been written. Every word of them is relevant today.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

Burgomaster. All right. What’s the mood around town? Warden. Quiet. But they are still writing. Burgomaster. Writing what? Warden. Letter “L” on the walls. That means Lancelot. Burgomaster. Nonsense! “L” means - “Love the president”. Warden. I see. So, we don’t detain those who are writing? Burgomaster. Are you kidding? Of course we do. What else do they write? Warden. Embarrassing to say. The president is scum. His son is a crook. The president… (giggles) Can’t really repeat the expression, sir. But mostly they write the “L”. Burgomaster. Morons. What do they want with that Lancelot anyway? Any news about him, while we’re on the subject? Warden. Not a word. Burgomaster. Did you interrogate the birds? Warden. Uh-huh. Burgomaster. All of them? Warden. Uh-huh. See this mark? That’s eagle’s present. Got me right in the ear. Burgomaster. And what are they saying? Warden. They say they didn’t see Lancelot. Only the parrot agrees. You’re like: “Have you seen him?” And he’s like: “Seen him”. You’re like: “You saw Lancelot?” And he’s like: “Saw Lancelot.” Well, you know what kind of bird the parrot is. Burgomaster. What about the snakes? Warden. Those would have slithered in themselves if they smelled anything. They’re on our side. And relatives to the deceased to boot. But they don’t. Burgomaster. The fish? Warden. Not a peep. Burgomaster. Maybe they know something? Warden. Nope. We had our scientists look into their eyes, and they confirm - those guys know nothing. In short Lancelot, also known as St. George, also known as Perseus, named differently in each country, has yet to be located. Burgomaster. Screw him, then.

Dragon by Evgeny Shvarts.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

this is the link which shows banned #books in #Russia for the #kids of all ages.
It includes Karlsson on the roof for the “info which denies family values and promotes disrespect towards parents”, two more #tales by #Astrid-Lindgren, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and two classic Russian tales by #Pushkin.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)