Putin introduced to Duma a new law proposal, about a creation of National Guards. Corresponding information have appeared in the electronic database of the parliament.

Law defines composition and the tasks of the new force. In particular, guards can check the citizen’s documents, arrest them in order to hand to the police, “if there are enough evidences of law violation or administrative offense”.

Also, National Guards can use force and arms without issuing a warning “in case of direct threat to citizens or other guards”. “Guard has a right to not issue a warning before using physical force, special means, or firearms, if delaying the action can threaten life or health of the citizen, other guard, or can lead to serious consequences”.

Among the “special means” the law lists rubber batons, gas grenades, handcuffs, means of distracting by sound and light effects, the means for breaking barriers and forced stoppage of transport, as well as service animals.

Guards can beleaguer terrains, in particular in order to prevent mass rallies, restrict or prohibit the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Opposition assumes that practically, it’s a creation of the alternative army, aimed to protect the regime and Putin personally. Emiliya Slabunova from the “Yabloko” commented that “National Guards is an attempt to secure the authorities from the protests and rallies before the coming elections”. “State turns in to monster, and increases power structures at the expenses of education and healthcare”.

source (in Russian).

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There is a discussion now in the Duma about the possibility of introducing of exit visas for citizens of Russia. Radio station “Speaks Moscow” quoted the statement Vadim Solovyov - the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction.

“Now we get a lot of proposals to introduce the exit visas. Official Foreign Ministry officials and security officers will explain the citizen which kind of dangers he might have if he leave a country. And when he got the official information, signs that, says yes, I know, I know the case, I was warned, and, nevertheless, I insist, then he should be given the opportunity to go, “- he said.

source in Russian

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according to the new russian law, free wifi providers should gather information about those who use their wifi. in this particular case, access point at starbucks demands a phone number to send sms to it with code, which needs to be entered to that form in order to get internet connection. i. e. identification via phone number, and in orderbto get a phone number one has to provide passport information.

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i have an idea: almost any software will eventually become free, because otherwise there would appear an analogue of that software which is free, and the first won’t survive competition with the second.

because free has an important property/quality - it’s free. and market will choose free software, it would prefer to pay for the free alternative and/or it’s support.

btw, this is about development, about progress, thanks to entrepreneurship and fair competition.

i would also like to add - free software is a way to measure democracy: if it exists in country, if it develops, it means that laws about equal possibilities to make business indeed work. moreover, if authorities choose free software over proprietary, it means that they are less corrupted, less dependent on already existing corporations that sell proprietary software. again, this means it is more about equal opportunities and working law and court, about society where companies must compete by qualities of their production, not by using law, authorities, brute force.

of course this is not binary, but scalar. countries have some value of democracy, it’s not true or false, it’s more or less.

and once the free software idea appeared, it’ll inevitably win. #free-software #free_software #democracy #market #law #court #entrepreneurship #competition

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I have translated one of comments from here

I believe it’s not possible to look at the problem of language in Ukraine from the refined point of view.

Let’s ask the question - should you invite relatives to your house? Yes. But what if relatives are thieves? Then you should not. This is the difference between the “refined” and real question.

In the refined way, - two language state and calling relatives for a dinner is a good way, but in realistic way - it’s dangerous.

Thus I would like to stress two problems. Even three.

First - attacks on neighbor states are started from mentioning Russian speaking people. By mentioning so called compatriots - though it’s hard in Russia, after the defeat of USSR. Everybody is compatriot.

And the second question. Isn’t aversion of a language a reflection? Dislike toward Russian was born in Latvia, Ukraine, may be Georgia. Not because the language is bad, but because it serves as Trojan horse.

It is used to ride in, and then bereave of land. Thus, it is necessary to blame not the language, and not play games by using it, as Kremlin is doing, but give up using the language as a mean of taking away the lands. That’s it.

And supplementary question - why nobody worries about language in Asia? Why only Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Georgia?

Why we see that in East European countries, but not in Asia, where it’s stronger?

And the last. Recently, by jesting Klichko, separatists uploaded a video. He makes a slip in speaking.

But I wonder. Klichko, when he was speaking in one of the Kiev schools, speaks great, pure Russian language. And kids can understand him. Ukrainian major, Ukrainian kids, but the language of communication - Russian. That’s even after annexation of Crimea and fire in Donbass.

And then, in the corridors, Klichko speaks Ukrainian, where he’s being “trapped” by separatists.

Can you imagine that any major in Russia can have a talk, even in a Russian village, in Ukrainian language?

Who is more tolerant then?

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Seven Commandments

  1. Every individual cetacean has the right to life.
  2. No cetacean should be held in captivity or servitude; be subject to cruel treatment; or be removed from their natural environment.
  3. All cetaceans have the right to freedom of movement and residence within their natural environment.
  4. No cetacean is the property of any State, corporation, human group or individual.
  5. Cetaceans have the right to the protection of their natural environment.
  6. Cetaceans have the right not to be subject to the disruption of their cultures.
  7. The rights, freedoms and norms set forth in this Declaration should be protected under international and domestic law.


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