is it already a well known fact, that default sailfish camera on xa2 gives a choice of 16mpx (16:9) or 13mpx (4:3), while piggz’ camera: 5984x3392 (187x106) max, which is 19 mpx? at the same time lineage os default camera gives: 22.9mpx (4:3) and 20.2 mpx (when using 16:9 resolution), strange.

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tells that ccd colours and picture details are much bettec, is it the case?

also, its interesting, that he tells that the camera is very power efficient because it has no motor to move the shutter, but the lever.

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p. s. how can i remain silent that i know the camera since long time ago, and i wanted to get it for my collection, but it was too expensive, and somehow unreasonable. (:

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apparently (british scientists found out), that it’s much easier to try to fix a camera like this rather than a much ‘simpler’ plastic compact like this. because the latter has flash, therefore it has a pretty big capacitor, therefore, it makes an electric shock to you whether you accidentally touch some contacts on board. well, several times. also, the former camera is more like a clock, you can understand how it works after some time of tinkering. the latter one remains a complete mistery. or misery. #kodak #camera

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)