when you install debian, images do not contain wifi interface firmware (if it’s not atheros chip, which does not require proprietary firmware), and you need to do the installation by being connected by wired ethernet. thus usually if i install debian for someone, i use cross cable (i know modern ethernet cards are able to work computer to computer without the need of cross cable, but i have one since long ago) and provide them internet, enable ip forwarding, so that the installer would be able to download proprietary firmware.

apparently, there are debian images with non-free firmware, so you don’t need your laptop, when meeting someone to install debian.


and eventually - wow, what happened, i have never experienced speed like this. usually i would expect ~100-700 kb/s speeds.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

good morning. i decided to publish some very old shots. this one was never published. i also find myself liking the quality of the lab scanner, which i did not like before. i guess i’ll publish today several photos, unedited, out of scanner files.

still life with sunflower seeds, neo freerunner phone and debian cds. may 2013. shot with mamiya-ze2 on kodak cft film. #stilllife #openmoko #neofreerunner #debian #kodak-cft #morning #film #filmphotography

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

mobile device manufacturers are trying to advertise their products as means of creativity. not only means of consumption. which is also good, because it’s about us. we want to be creative, not only consume.

i would like to say, let’s not forget, that we have amazing tool for creative work, right under ours very nose, but it becomes more and more neglected.

it is banal desktop personal computer.

it has terrific operating systems, well developed, toolkits and frameworks for writing software, diverse tools for creative work - photoshop and gimp, inkscape and illustrator, maya and blender, different cad systems for architects and engineers, cool software to create movies and animations.

btw, it’s symptomatic, that gtk toolkit was created in order to write gimp. (: because if you have such cool programs it means you have cool tools to write them.

on the contrary on mobile we have tools like instagram and picsart (btw, latter is developed in armenia, some of my friends work there, it’s founded by my former chief), and those tools are more like toys, too primitive.

and when you have only mobile device you have much more limited possibilities to learn, to go deeper, if you are curious. if you use windows, you can discover cmd, regedit, download real visual studio, use real professional tools like adobe illustrator, even when pirated. on mobile you cannot have such tools. you cannot make creative work which demands more tools, more efforts, and more knowledge, more personal development. that’s why i liked my n810 with maemo, it was basically hildon over debian, and when you have debian, it means whole gnu/linux world in your hands, you have tools, you can go deeper, do and learn a lot.

so this all beauty - development frameworks, toolkits, creative and professional tools, it’s all now neglected by the society which is amazed with mobile so called apps.

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իմը աւելի երկար է

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