this answer to @{Dennis Schubert;} post seems reasonable.

it is indeed seems possible to map some subset of activitypub to the current diaspora functionality.

moreover that ruby libraries for ap already exists, there needs to be work done on integration, which is not easy, of course, but i think necessary - because otherwise diaspora stays isolated from the rest of federated world.

i think we have to try to create a social demand for this. if there is a demand, these functionality is more likely to be implemented - whether by diaspora team or by the fork.

well, the main problem is, that we have lack of developers, which is because diaspora is not that popular, and it is already a miracle that we have diaspora, and we have the existing team.

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left a comment under vsauce video:

the username/email crisis is easily solvable. decentralized web doesn’t imply there can be only one norayr on twitter, it implies that there can be norayr from and norayr from թութ.հայ. so more people on the net should theoretically not create huge nodes, but a lot of smaller nodes. just like towns in Austria - I believe except Vienna most of the towns have population less than 500.000. And, having user accounts on different networks don’t mean they cannot communicate. The oppressive strategy of forcing people to have account on your server should vanish in the future. #decentralization

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are there decentralized photo communities out there? i only know mediagoblin. diaspora is not actual since they started to reduce sizes of photographs.

what would you suggest? the ideal solution is not only the software which i can host on my server, but also a community of photographers. #photo #diaspora #mediagoblin #decentralization

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Map those instances, and one thing becomes clear pretty fast: Mastodon is mostly a Japanese phenomenon. The two largest Mastodon instances – and – have over 100,000 users each, significantly more than, the “mothership” site that Rochko himself administers. Three of the top five Mastodon instances are based in Japan, and the Mastodon monitoring project estimates that 61% of the network’s users are Japanese.

In one sense, this isn’t a surprise. Twitter is massive in Japan, where it has more users than Facebook, and is projected to be used by half of all social network users and a quarter of all internet users this year. But that’s not the whole explanation.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)