one of the most important messages for me from Simak’s “City” is that number of speakers matters, size of the community matters. Not that I did not know or acknowledge that, but the book made me sober again about it.

Humanity cannot develop if there’s only one city of us.

Social network cannot develop if there’s not enough people. Diaspora pretty much stuck, because many say ‘it’s lonely here’, life happens at other places, like twitter.

Culture, and national culture cannot develop if there’s not enough people.

(I believe very good example of it are animes and Hayao Miyazaki, or Satoshi Kon. If there would be no possibility to be an animator in Japan, and Hayao would work as an animator in let’s say USA, nobody would allow him to make the films he would like to and as he would like to. There’s a different culture of making films. And there was a necessity in big enough Japanese, local market, to cover anime production costs, in order to make possible sustainable creation of them. And after they have been made, they can be exported to the other countries as is. And people in other countries would appreciate the difference of making.)

Operating system, and even flavour of it (like Sailfish) needs a number of users and developers. (Which it did not get, just like diaspora.)

And of course programming language needs a number of speakers to create an ecosystem around it.

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Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft
I’m putting more trust in communities than corporations

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The Full Story of #Nokia and #Microsoft - How we got here, and why Microsoft will fail with Nokia handsets just like it did with Kin

Ok the news is out. I told you literally two years ago, that the Windows Phone strategy would be the death of Nokia’s handset business, and today we have the final nail in that coffin. I honestly, truly with my hand on my heart, hoped this day would never come, and that my prediction would be seen as wrong. But unfortunately I was correct (once again). I do tend to know this industry. And I was the first to tell you, on this blog, that Nokia’s handset business just died. I told you when it happend, and more importantly, I told you why it died. It didn’t die with the crazy Burning Platforms memo, nor with the announcement of Microsoft Windows Phone either. So this is my (first) full epitaph to Nokia. And we have to have a bit of history. (Long blog warning - this runs 12,000 words, so get yourself a cup of coffee, this will take about half an hour

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