microkernel operating systems follow ideas of liberalism. on the contrary, monolitic kernel, is like a leftist idea, where you have big government which has to deal with everything. it can be efficient, though, as dictatorships as well, butif it fails, you’re screwd. microkernel means less central power, not as efficient, but more reliable. #liberalism #operating_systems #os #microkernel #engineering #design

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when the file gets overwritten, how different file systems handle that?

do they mark the old file as erased and create a new file or rather try to write the information to the same inodes? then what if there’s no space and the new file has bigger size? I guess it’s better to try to create a new file, in case of filesystems which avoid fragmentation.

in other words, is the probability to recover overwritten file smaller, than probability to recover erased file?

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why doesn’t graphics on ios lag as much? apparently, it’s because when you put the finger on the screen, it stops every process, except of a couple of important system services. even if you run a browser, and you put finger on screen, it stops unless you raise the finger.

android, on the contrary, tries to divide resources between processes.

this is why we often notice lags on android, and this is why ios seems to work smoothly. we cannot say - faster. it’s not faster, because other processes don’t even work for some time. it’s responsive, and looks faster to the user.

well, at least, this is why it’s often happens, when android user cannot call, or answer the call, while the same situation is not very much common in case of ios.

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i am reading a paper about making a kernel which supports cooperative multitasking, to replace the current A2 kernel which supports more wide spread blocking synchronization. i wonder if they’ve managed to change the kernel and if current A2 has this lock free kernel or not. i remember i have read something about problems they had with drivers - they need to be rewritten to not use interrupts any more.

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When module stays loaded and can be manipulated from the “shell” by calling so called commands, i. e. exported functions of that module. That’s very beautiful design, I believe.


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