so we are out of support. humans. just like those cars that you cannot get official parts for. nobody will give you a liver, suitable and produced for you.

well, there are some early experiments, to get stem cells from your skin, then print a liver from it. but that’s a research stage. until we have the industry, we have unsupported organisms and have to use whatever we have carefully. #human #biology #support

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what defines us? not what we tell/believe about ourselves.

may be what we imagine, what we believe about those we do not know. yet.

about those we do not know, because when you do not know the environment, you do not know the walls, and hit your head. many times. after some tries you have a certain understanding of the environment, and you can make judgements about it with the pain in your head. I do not want to believe that judgements we do still feeling pain, are those that describe us.

I tend to think that what we imagine, that’s about us.

And then, if our aspirations to cognize someone else find reciprocity, we have the option to get to know the other person better.

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i remember there was discussion on the internet, if you are at the beach, and you see that your dog sinks, and some other man sinks, whom would you save?

Apart from that I believe this is not ethical question, I would say - if you have a choice, go for your dog. Because this way you don’t betray her. She expects you to save her. She expects that because she trusts you. When you ask her to stay while you enter some building, or shop, she knows you’ll return. She knows you’ll help because you took out thorns from her paws before.

Btw I cannot imagine a dog to sink. Afaik they swim very well. So this situation cannot really happen, I hope. (:

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I think that we need another kind of intelligence #test. #Turing test checks if #machine has #human like #intelligence. However, intelligence, perception is different. #Dolphins are intelligent, but they don’t speak human language. And we communicate with them in different, other ways. Then, why the google search machine is not alive? It communicates with us in different way. It tries to understand us. Every drone, every robot is alive, and has some intelligence, very primitive yet, but it has. We don’t talk to them, but that does not matter. We communicate, and that’s what matters.

(on the photo is a primitive robot which we were working on with my friend )

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The fact that a #dog sees only black and white is an Old Wive’s Tale and not at all true. #Dogs can see some #colors, but with the same intensity as a #human.

Dogs are red-green color blind. They see a brighter and less detailed world when compared to humans. Peripheral vision is better than humans (dogs see more of the world), but distance is not judged quite as well. Dogs excel at night vision and the detection of moving objects.

I’m not really sure about 2D or 3 D, but I know that dogs can detect movement on a television. I had a Retriever who used to love watching TV. When she would see a dog on the television, she would run up to the screen and follow it with her nose. When the dog disappeared, she would look behind the TV to see where it went … lol.

The links below may give you more insight about a dog’s vision.

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#Մեջբերում #հոգեբան ի ու 16-ամյա աղջկա #զրույց ից՝ #թերպիա յի ժամանակ։

#Therapist: – Have you ever read the #bible?

Girl: – Isn’t that like illegal for you to ask me that?

Therapist: – Not really. It’s really just a subject like any other. You can choose to #talk about it or not. Anyway, in the new #testament #God is always portrayed as being #good and #wickedness and #evil is a #human thing, a human problem.Actually, it’s one of the things that’s helped christianity to spread very quickly. Can you… Can you think why?

Girl: – Because #people like to feel shitty about themselves?

Therapist: - That’s it. Exactly. We prefer to# live in a world where God is #good and man is #bad rather than a world where God is bad. So an evil #authority, an unfair# government, neglectful #parents– That’s a pretty scary #concept. Makes your whole #life seem kind of scary and meaningless. It is one of the reasons why children will blame themselves before their parents.

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