we supposed to share pictures of food, right? let me do that. i have a low blood pressure and sometimes i need something sweet in order to be able to work. i’ve got this honey, it’s from Berkaber. I know this village, i have been around during my military service. it’s located right near the border and overall is really touchy. all those villages near the border are especially touchy.

These villages are always under the fire, however recently there was an escalation, and deaths among peaceful citizens. We’ve been told that our forces had a decent answer and as a result 16 soldiers dead at the other side. As far as i know, indeed our forces strike back their military, not their villages. I also know that very often our military forces don’t get permission to answer. Sadly this only leads to the escalation of the fire from the other side.

So this is a food photo - honey from the village I served near, made by hard-working people (and bees) who live under constant fire near the border of my small country.

#armenia #berkaber #honey #photo

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