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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

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Q Tell me about these malicious features.

There are three kinds: those that spy on the user, those that restrict the user, and back doors. Windows has all three. Microsoft can install software changes without asking permission. Flash Player has malicious features, as do most mobile phones.

‘Any change in the way protest is done is an opportunity for governments to criminalize it.’ Digital handcuffs are the most common malicious features. They restrict what you can do with the data in your own computer. Apple certainly has the digital handcuffs that are the tightest in history. The i-things, well, people found two spy features and Apple says it removed them and there might be more

When people don’t know about this issue they choose based on immediate convenience and nothing else. And therefore they can be herded into giving up their freedom by a combination of convenient features, pressure from institutions and the network effect. That’s why I focus now on spreading the awareness of the philosophy of free software and the issue of freedom that we’re fighting for. Because if you have some courage and you recognize the harm that they are doing, you can resist.

Q What do you think about the actions by hactivists Anonymous in defence of internet freedoms?

Well, their primary activity consists of a network protest where people send lots of request to a website. It’s the virtual equivalent to having a protest on the street in front of their office.

This is simply democracy. But we live in an age where governments that actually work for the banksters and other major businesses are trying to criminalize all forms of popular political activity. They look for clever ways to punish protests such as besieging protesters for hours. So any change in the way protest is done is an opportunity for them to criminalize it. If people used to protest in the street and now it’s in the network, well they can prohibit protesting in the network and call it an attack.

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Does this sound ridiculous, a perverse #fantasy of some balkanized #Web of the #dystopian #future?  Nope: it’s all true, except that my #laptop is actually an #iPad and my #browser is #iTunes / #iBooks. 

On the Web, the very idea that the right to read a website would vary from country to country seems patently absurd. #Cyberspace is flat, after all, just computers talking to computers. You, the reader, do not need to concern yourself with where these electrons on your screen are coming from, and neither do I, their publisher, need to care where they are going. And when somebody attempts to artificially block those #electrons — say, #China and its #Great-Firewall — it’s the kind of the thing that the #US #Congress and the #World Trade Organization get worked up about

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