he came to our room and asked what can i or my co-workers suggest as a theme for his phd researh. they became excited and got engaged in the process of inventing a research topic.

i think making someone’s homework is not as bad as suggesting a research topic. and asking for one is the same as asking what he should write about, if he’s a writer, or what should he paint, if he’s a painter. you’ve got the idea.

and what’s even more amazing is that he didn’t even think that asking questions like that, and especially answering that questions is not something fair.

i mentioned that i do not ask for themes for my photo or IT projects because i do what i am interested in. i didn’t even think ‘what to do?’. if i remember it right he said that i am hypocrytical, because i talk about free software, but keep my ideas away from others. sigh.

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