when the file gets overwritten, how different file systems handle that?

do they mark the old file as erased and create a new file or rather try to write the information to the same inodes? then what if there’s no space and the new file has bigger size? I guess it’s better to try to create a new file, in case of filesystems which avoid fragmentation.

in other words, is the probability to recover overwritten file smaller, than probability to recover erased file?

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I know this is not exactly a good place to raise such questions, bun anyway.

Some people share photos on Instagram, that have been taken with phone. some people share pictures that have been taken with digital or film SLR cameras.

Now, how Instagram is defined? Is it a community of people who shoot with phones? Then, how ethical to post there photos made by other, more flexible and powerful devices?

And how much powerful? If I get a phone with a good camera, does it count? How bad should the quality of the image be in order to be okay to post it on Instagram?

Then, if I happen to have a bad scan of a film frame, or just a low quality shot, because I have messed up settings - is it bad enough to post there?

May be then it’s not a phone pictures sharing space, but instant photos sharing space? Then, is it ethical if I share a photo made by my Canon 6D which has WiFi and allows instantly transfer photo to phone?

Or is it just another photo sharing service, which is popular among those who makes photos with phones, and I don’t have to make bad quality shots in order to put there?

Or shell I necessarily apply Instagram filter? Or can I shoot the photo with another camera? This questions also relate to VSCO service. Should I only apply VSCO proprietary filters in order to publish photo on that photo service? And on the other hand, does it make any sense to publish there something which was not created with the help of their software? Then, they have special software for Windows and Mac. Does that count?

Eventually, what if I just want to be connected with local community, people I know in person, and show off my photos to them, because they have no idea what am I doing? Or it is offensive behaviour?

If we were talking about photography sharing space, I would not have this question. Good photo remains a good photo independently of how it was made. Same is true for bad photo. But this place is called Instagram. Does it assume one has to show off only how can he shoot with weak gear?

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currently top answer to the Why don’t people like Jazz? question.

Perhaps because the layout is different from pop music.. the structure of the songs.. people are subconciously expecting a top40 formula in 4/4 and they’re getting something totally different. It can be quite difficult to stay on top of a jazz song.. the instruments start to sound as if they’re having their own fast dialog with each other.. and its in a language I dont quite understand, so how can I enjoy the dialog when I dont know what they’re saying?

Jazz seems similar in essence to much classical music with that respect.. the music is a lot more dynamic and ‘alive’ (if you will) than most of the top40 stuff playing on the radio..

that and the instruments.. personally, the timbre of a saxophone literally gives me a headache.. I think its the frequency space it takes up.. a squeeling trumpet can do the same.. (actually a squeeling anything can do it hehe)

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i’ve drank coffee made by machine. i feel pretty happy now. i never tried it before. i’ve tried some other coffee a couple of times in my life, but did not feel as good as now.

also, i feel that i have anchored good emotions to the person i’ve drank with.

now, i wonder if every time i will drink that, i’ll feel the same? or is it like cocaine, when after some time it’s not enough and one has to switch to heroine?

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what do you think about usage of instagram like effects in mobile photography? or about lomo like effects?

I am asking because I also do photos with mobile, and I wonder, shell we use effects, or try to achieve something beautiful by the frame itself, by knowing limited capabilities, and allowing ourselves just a little, may be, color/light correction?

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I think that #Sheckley ’s #Answerer is a way better machine than #Adams es #DeepThought. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/33854/33854-h/33854-h.htm Because Answerer will never answer #42 cause nobody will understand him. I belive that’s true that “In order to #ask a #question you must already know most of the #answer " #literature #sci-fi #sheckley #book #cover #Շեքլի

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