And I love this author, Anton Nossik:

Azerbaijan was waiting for this revenge bore than 20 years.

Military and political preparations for the current events have been done during all these years.

Interesting question - why exactly now?

That’s simple: only Azerbaijan needs war today. And certainly known why - to return lost in 1994 territories, where now located not recognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Return of the territories, populated by Armenians under the control of Azerbaijan - that is understandable, concrete, never hidden, loudly declared task. Which wasn’t possible to solve 22 years by political means, and now, according to the definition of Karl von Klausevitz, is starting “the continuation of politics by other means”. However that is a politics of Azerbaijan alone, not the “all conflict sides”.

And it’s very much understandable, how this war can be stopped in 20 seconds. By one phone call from Kremlin to Baku, and one simple phrase: “Armenia is our ally”. Nobody in Baku is ready to fight Russia. And they would “go back to the previously prepared positions”. And defer “the continuation of politics by other means” to the better times, which are worser.

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