I personally have no problem with the whole #Apple #patents brouhaha. Steve #Jobs did a miraculous job on “dumbing-down” the smart #phone, to the point where it now has no buttons at all, and the only thing the user can do is finger-paint on it. The #touchscreen may seem like a cool approach to a user interface, but it also subtly locks the user into being merely a #consumer of information, never a #producer. The rest of the #cell phone #industry has blindly rushed down the rabbit hole right behind Apple. The jury really was right – the whole world now is filled with iPhones and #iPhone wannabes. These corporations needed a good smack in the side of the head to remind them that Apple’s way is not the only possible way to design products. Stuff like pinch-to-zoom is popular because Apple made it popular, not because it is necessarily the best way to do things. Right now, I don’t see anyone trying to actually compete with Apple. The default response seems to be what #Nokia did – just give up, dump your entire internal R&D department, and license the latest #iOS clone from #Microsoft or #Google. Maybe if Apple wins enough patent cases, somebody will get the hint and go back to designing a device that isn’t an iPhone

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