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I do take issue with the concept of having to pay more to not have a keylogger on my phone.
It makes sense to me that company might offer a cheaper-but-spyware-riddled version of a phone. It’s not much different from adware, which is often free or cheaper than other software of its type. Whether you cast it as “paying a premium for privacy” or “getting a discount for giving up privacy”, it’s the same idea as long as the company is upfront about the spyware (if they aren’t, then they’re just crooks).
So, using that same reasoning, you believe it’s perfectly acceptable for a landlord to install cameras and microphones in apartments, as long as their upfront about it when you sign the rental agreement? Really? Of course, this can be avoided by owning your own home… oh, wait - most “homeowners” are actually indebted to banks, so again using your ‘logic’ the banks should be allowed to monitor you inside your home until you pay the loan off.
It’s called reality TV
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