Black is a statement. It gives you a “look,” and fairly uncomplicatedly. It says you’re damn serious about life, and have neither the time nor the inclination to faff about with silly colour combinations and patterns. Nobody should ever mistake you as the type of person to listen to anything but dark music played in dark rooms with unsmiling people who want their clothes to be the physical extension of the abstract ideas that techno brings to the dance floor. And for the most part, it works. Nobody sees a monochrome press shot of two dudes dressed in tight black tee shirts and skinny jeans staring forlornly away from the camera and thinks, “maybe those guys play lots of disco!”

But most importantly, wearing black tells people you’re “in the know.” And in a subculture like dance music, where superior knowledge is traded like cultural capital, being in the know is basically everything. Showing up to an after party as the only dickhead dressed in yellow screams “I’m new here,” which won’t exactly earn you a surprise invitation into the green room for a cheeky one with the cool kids.

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