erzahlung uber debuggen

Սա երրորդ մասն ա։

Ասենք սա ինձ թաչ ա անում՝

well, of course, if the world was ideal I would gladly recommend learn the basic concepts properly and then do programming with Oberon. But I’m fully aware that the world is not that simple. Programmers nowadays are faced with very difficult task and they cannot afford to build system from scratch. They have to use many tools that exist already and interface their new programs with them, and that’s where the problem is. This interface is not even properly and fully specified. Any many work comes with that. It is quite well known that if 5% percent going to programming is much, the rest is going to debugging. And that’s precular, it’s not science, not even engineering, it’s just trying.

try not to do things you don’t understand
and if you are forced to do things you don’t understand, then at least, do not speak about things you don’t understand

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