i think i keep my limbic system in tough conditions. i don’t get it to feel good via stimulators, and i really feel good rarely. mostly when i do work i want and accomplish it. or if i manage to solve something. it’s really rare. it’s not easy. at least for me.

process is also rewarding. not much.

thus my limbic system does not “feel good” most of the time.

on the other hand, i see the parallel with dystopian future where people don’t move or don’t think any more, because everything is done by robots. rewards should not be easy. you have to feel good because you’ve achieved something, not because you drunk a cup of coffee. not a big achievement.

however, i feel myself deflated and crippled. people love having fun. it looks like i am not. therefore i cannot join them and/or share it. this is not a problem usually. it’s only a problem when you like someone and realize you are so unnecessary, because you lack features which are good for a relationship.

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