recently I was reading Thomas More’s Utopia. Well, what did I like, that it does not serve as Utopia any more. Actually with time it became legitimate dystopia. When I read it, I feel what a terribly non free state and society it is.

Also, it made me think again about resources. In liberal, capitalistic society, people have a right for initiatives and entrepreneurship. This means, if I have a good idea, I am free to try to implement it, to bring it to life. Sometimes I need funding, sometimes I can start by doing it on my knees, in garage.

It can be something sustainable, which will survive because of profits, or I can get funding from different places - capital, patronage, foundations, some interested parties, people.

On the other hand, if I want to create something in socialistic, or communistic state, I need to get approval of the state. Because state manages all resources. And it has to decide, if my idea is worth spending money on.

Even if we assume the state is not very much corrupted, and I do not necessarily need relatives in the government, state has all the resources, and has to do such decisions. They should decide if my idea worth giving it a start or not.

First, they already have their own spendings, and may not have resources for new ideas. Thus - socialistic state is not about development.

It is about monopoly. The government has monopoly of resources, management.
On the contrary, in case of liberal, capitalistic society, there are more powers. There can be power which is interested in your idea, and it’ll support it. This power can be some community as well.

No wonder free software was born in the United States.

By the way, I also do not believe in democracy in socialistic state. Because technically democracy can be preserved, maintained, in case we have different powers. Not in case of government monopoly.
If we have one power, it’ll take advantage very soon, fake elections, change constitution, and make conversion to an authoritarian state.

So, if you do not like monopolies, you should not like socialism/communism. (:

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