i have new photos of #lori-1 wind farm. well, “new”, made in summer. i thought it’s kodak ektar, but it turned out to be kodak cft inside the kodak ektar roll. if i would new it’s b/w i would process it myself. whatever, i get this roll developed just recently, among other 9 rolls, and my slides are still undeveloped, because the lab in the other city did not have chemicals.

btw, i mentioned it again, i love this film. that film never stops to amaze me. as well as the place, it’s always always always different. unfortunately, it does not look possible to find kodak cft film in the vicinity any more. it was medical film, and some people got their hands on it in hospitals, and sold. now the resource is exhausted. it is not available on global markets as well. it was only possible to find in the region.

now i would say, that #լոռի֊1 tag in my blog, which features the place i always revisit, shows my development, but not (merely?) as photographer, but as a person. so these are the photos, attached to this post.

#kodakcft #kodak-cft #film #mamiya-zm #28mm #evening #stars #wind-farm #powerplant #lori-1 #lori

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