Some of you saw the video about ROT-54/2.6, radio optical telescope. This is a paper by it’s creator.

The next important question is what means so low Self Noises (2,6 K or 2,8 K). According to the theory of the Big Bang in Universe it must have been Relict radiation of 2,7 K. If it is right, then our measured noises near Zenith had to be 2,6+2,7=5,3K. But they are absent. It is also impossible that our 2,6 K is 2,7 K of Relict. Because it will be only in case, if our Antenna is ideal and its Self Noises are equal 0 o K. But it is impossible on Earth. So there is only one explanation, that Relict radiation is absent in Universe, and it is that there never was any Big Bang [3, 4, 5] in Universe.

can anyone explain why he is may be wrong? (:

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