as I say, once you loose technology, it is very hard to bring it back. even if you are a company behind the product and own all the so called intellectual property.

The second area of focus is looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio of products. Most likely that would mean bringing back an emulsion from bygone days. It’s not as simple as you may think, because many older products would have to be reformulated based on changes in the manufacturing process and/or EH&S regulations.

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apparently (british scientists found out), that it’s much easier to try to fix a camera like this rather than a much ‘simpler’ plastic compact like this. because the latter has flash, therefore it has a pretty big capacitor, therefore, it makes an electric shock to you whether you accidentally touch some contacts on board. well, several times. also, the former camera is more like a clock, you can understand how it works after some time of tinkering. the latter one remains a complete mistery. or misery. #kodak #camera

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how to develop kodak-cft film:

— d-76 developer 1 to 7. — 45 minutes. — turn tank upside down every 3 minutes.

that gives not bad results. however, may be there could be more grain. people talk that it is possible to use ilford developer and add something in order to get more grain. i have no idea what.

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