don’t feed the #gooks says this in #russian
#Translation - I kept the style and mistakes, I cannot write such an illiterate text, I mean even I cannot write such an illiterate and senseless text in English, while it’s not my language, and this guy managed to do it in his native Russian:

It’s enough to feed the gooks, go to their kiosks, food markets (where 99% insanitation), use their facilities for buildings or maintainance, etc. Think of it, gooks quantity increases, they come here with whole families, with their norms and traditions, having them as neighbourhood, threatens interests of title nation. By going to such places, You with that actions, with full inertia of the state, breed their presence in the RF territory, who later buy passports of RF citizen and enjoy full rights of the owner of our land. We survived 1921-1945, and 1917-1990 but in 2090 we will destroy ourselves, the remains will find themselves in moslem slavery. Think, Slavonians…

Usually guys like this don’t want any part of RF to become independent and support the idea of the Eurasian Union, recreation of Russian Empire. I don’t really get how they can connect those dots. Please, decide, whether you do not want others to come to live to Russia, or you want an empire. In the empire you have to provide equal rights to all of it’s citizens. At least on the paper. Or you intent to have slavery and ghettos yourself?
Why it is okay when Russians go to live to Chechnya but it’s not ok when Lezgians or Tatars or Avars go to Moscow? You want to control their land, to assimilate them, you don’t allow them to have other scripts rather than Cyrillic, and yet you want them to be locked in their provinces of your empire?
Remember, your country is called Russian Federation, and, besides, nobody was happy to join it. They were forced to. So you already got what you want.
#discrimination #hate #hate-speech #sprachregelung #social-contract #xenophobia #omgwtf #wtf #imperialism

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)