this galore of information we have, these unlimited amount of options to read something on the internet leads us to want to not loose each and every option. because people are naturally curious. but it’s technically not possible. we feel it, thus we read, perceive superficially. we learn to read many small articles, instead of fat books, then we learn to read small twitter statuses instead of blog posts and articles. add to these various notifications which prod us from different sides.

knowledge, work and development require deep concentration, and not being constantly distracted by notifications and status updates. i myself read less books than before. i myself notice this tempting desire to refresh the feed, instead of concentrating on my project. project requires concentration and a lot of thinking, and environment requires fast context switches between different sources, which drains brain power very fast.

i have no solution for this. may be accept that i’ll loose information. read one article of every ten i want to, read it slow and thoroughly, without hurry, fully perceiving one, not many. chew well one thing, not swallow many things. they cannot be digested after all. i don’t know.

#information #galore #concentration #context_switch #internet

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