so according to wikipedia

In May 2017, Impossible’s largest shareholder acquired the brand and intellectual property of the original Polaroid corporation.

old real polaroid papers where developing fast, in hand, like today’s instax. but polaroid originals film still after update has to be developed for 15 minutes or something like that.

so i wonder why if the polaroid originals have the intellectual property of old polaroid, they cannot recreate the old emulsion?

so i have got a couple of answers:

old formulations that do not meet current environmental regulations low volume compared to historical Polaroid purchases. Vendors are not interested.

As I had understood it, Polaroid had special contracts (as did companies like Kodak) with governing bodies and regulatory agencies to allow the use of the chemicals that were environmentally damaging or those that had been linked to causing serious health issues (usually the same).

When Polaroid went belly up, the agreements dissolved.

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i am not a fun of this film. but indeed, the exposure latitude is amazing. i prefer hp5 or tri-x.

i am writing this post to mention, that you can develop xp2 not only with c41 process, but also with d-76, and it gives good results!

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unlike digital sensors that use Bayer interpolation, a scanner captures the RGB data for every pixel. single pass, three pass, whatever. you get the full monty. it doesn’t make much sense to degrade the data so it can be interpolated from a RAW file. instead the user can save the data as either a (8/16bit) JPEG, or (8/16bit) TIFF file. Vuescan let’s you save the scan data into a special kind of extendable TIFF called a DNG. the DNG wrapper lets the scan program separate the tonal data from the color data. using LR or PS one can then apply their own secret sauce. :)


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i’d like to share a couple of photos with you, those are not taken by me. this shot was taken with 50mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar ZM F1.5 lens on Adox Silvermax film. I guess Helios 85mm F1.5 is one of its descendants, well its design is taken from Biotar 1.5 but I guess it is related with Sonnar F1.5 too.


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i have a lot of film scanned with noritsu scanner at the lab. at first i was happy, especially with the results from the consumer fuji films. but the cinema fuji film - eterna, was obviously out of balance, with green shift. i’ve tried to colour balance, and was again sort of satisfied by the results, but then decided to scan same pictures with my minolta. hmm, here i think the quality is much better. there are even colours noritsu did not capture, the photo on the right have deeper colours, but if i try to do something like that with the noritsu scanned photo, i get red skin, and artefacts. so i am confused, i paid for the scanning, because i have very limited time recently, and wanted to get cool out of the scanner photos without spending much time on the process.

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