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Perhaps because the layout is different from pop music.. the structure of the songs.. people are subconciously expecting a top40 formula in 4/4 and they’re getting something totally different. It can be quite difficult to stay on top of a jazz song.. the instruments start to sound as if they’re having their own fast dialog with each other.. and its in a language I dont quite understand, so how can I enjoy the dialog when I dont know what they’re saying?

Jazz seems similar in essence to much classical music with that respect.. the music is a lot more dynamic and ‘alive’ (if you will) than most of the top40 stuff playing on the radio..

that and the instruments.. personally, the timbre of a saxophone literally gives me a headache.. I think its the frequency space it takes up.. a squeeling trumpet can do the same.. (actually a squeeling anything can do it hehe)

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I think that #Sheckley ’s #Answerer is a way better machine than #Adams es #DeepThought. Because Answerer will never answer #42 cause nobody will understand him. I belive that’s true that “In order to #ask a #question you must already know most of the #answer " #literature #sci-fi #sheckley #book #cover #Շեքլի

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