i collect this sugar envelopes, get them at the cafeterias. it started because i never had sugar at home, and one of my friends was getting very frustrated that i would suggest him tea without sugar. so, instead of buying sugar i started to get those small sugar envelopes i was getting at the cafeterias with tea. then i became obsessive about it. and today i don’t allow anyone to touch my collection. though the friend also learned by himself, that the sugar is not the best thing to use sugar, and gave it up.

this was said because now there’s such an envelope on my table, given to me by another friend when we met last time. when she was somewhere last time, she got the sugar envelope to bring to me. and that’s extremely nice feeling.

there’s a turkish chewing gum, called ‘love is…’, it shows small sketches on relationships.

so i would say, friendship is… getting sugar envelopes for him, so that you can give it when you meet.

#friendship #sugar

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