i’ve been asked to help to find a specific bios version for some notebook. first of all. why specific? why not the latest?

and then, finding a bios update is already a solution. in such cases i ask - which problem do you try to solve? there might be a better solution, and the solution you want me to help with might be unnecessary.

also, it’s never lupus bios. in many cases there is someone who advises to update bios in order to solve some problem, and it doesn’t help because it has no connection with the problem. however there were other solutions.

so eventually i met the notebook. the problem was, as they said, that they were unable to boot it from cd or usb. they said the problem is well described in internet forums, and the bios update fixes it.

srsly? it doesn’t boot from cd or usb? how hard could it be for a modern bios?

i’ve taken out of pocket my bootable flash drive with gentoo, and it booted. then found a debian cd and it booted. they spent days in vain efforts to update the bios, and did not suspect that the bootable media they used is to blame.

it’s never bios, i said, that’s your bootable media, which apeears to be not that bootable.

did u ever use bios updates to solve a problem, and did it help you?

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