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amos oz was saying that Hebrews were stunned with the force they posses now, and never had before. this reminds about the compensation theory that those from Russia or Arab countries who recently became wealthy or well-to-do, often compensate former asperity and lack of opportunities.

by transferring the compensation theory to the internet, I think, that many of us today are stunned with the opportunity that many acquaintances and even strangers may read what they transmit, and even like it. Which can be roughly estimated as the likes count.

it is of course a natural need for humans to be accepted in the community, and to feel a bit of self importance. probably, those, who were devoid of those, are more obsessed with showing off in the “internets”, as Bush put it.

thus, like the Hebrews are compulsive to use force, like New Russians must use golden lavatories, we write online, and count what god sent us today likes, instead of aiming for deeper interpersonal relationships.

which has it’s opposite side: consuming this astonishing amount of information simply is not easy/possible, thus we learn to swallow it fast, without chewing, in vain hope of not missing out.

that’s the vicious circle of the beginning of the internet age, which is hard to escape.

Now I’ve been written this, I’ve remembered words of my friend about the Mcluhan’s book.

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