Hetq’s editor-in-chief Edik Baghdasaryan talks with soldiers at the frontline. They say:

…Since we hadn’t responded in kind to them for such a long time they figured the situation would continue like that. That they would attack and we would merely defend.

…They have many Turkish weapons. Their recon units have Israeli manufactured weapons. We have as much as our resources allow. We don’t have oil to buy all those weapons. Our weapons are a bit cheap but they get the job done.

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Reconnaissance Scouts on Karabakh Frontline Tight-Lipped About Themselves, Their Actions

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The boys don’t talk and that’s it; they don’t want to describe anything. In response to questions about their actions, they say they were given a job and they did it. I then ask for their opinion about the armies of different countries; I ask about the best scouts.

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