I know how crappy car is this. And god knows why, probably because it’s a relatively cheap SUV like car, it’s very popular in Armenia. Of course everybody hack and tune it. Nobody can use it out of the box, it’s just unusable then.

And even by knowing how bad is this car, I noticed that I want it by looking on these posters. May be because orange nivas look better.

Other posters here: http://www.adme.ru/kreativnyj-obzor/sovetskaya-reklama-za-rubezhom-462255/ Besides I own Zenit cameras, Zorki, Smena, used em a lot. Zenit is one of the crappiest SLR’s ever made. Even if we don’t take into considerations that most of them were cheap ripoffs. With the inferior quality to originals.

What’s interesting in these posters is that they suggest to manufacture nivas yourself. Probably they wanted to license it. However, I am not surprised that nobody wanted to produce nivas. (: And what a cynicism, they were stealing so many technologies from others, but wanted to license nivas. At least you have something to license. Something original. Which is always inferior anyway.

Also it has no real improvement since then. if we read about mitsubishi pajeros we notice how engineers do improve them. but not niva, it’s so anachronistic that is almost a relic.

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