when I read about new cool project built with #raspberry-pi I think - okay - they didn’t do any low level #programming. They used #python, and they have all those #drivers ready to use. If it is considered a tool for #children - then what will they learn, they couldn’t learn by using a #GNU/Linux pc?

That’s why when I read about cheap #Linux boards I afraid that #8bit #microcontrollers won’t be used and thus less and less people would tinker with low level staff. And if they don’t deal with it, they don’t have deep understanding of how it works.

That’s why I appreciate #Arduino, and I hope it won’t be ousted from #market. Actually, that language and #compiler which comes with Arduino is too lame. I never programmed #AVR with that language, I used gcc, and thus Arduino + #gcc is a good #toy for a child. I agree. But I am not so sure about #raspberrypi

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