Richard #Stallman (the father of #GNU) believes that #society by accepting overt full time #tracking implicates the innocent who don’t carry a #phone as a full time tracking device as suspicious.

It works like this: For some reason, maybe you were cheating on your wife and visiting a girlfriend or just playing D&D with your nerd buddies near what unknown to you turns out to be a meth lab. After the cops bust the lab they do an audit of cell tower records a few months back and find you visiting at strange hours in the same vicinity, you are now suspected of being a top level drug dealer who is lying low after the lab bust. The cops finally get tired of you not selling drugs after following you for a few weeks probably with a good search warrant to tap phones and sneak&peek your house. They break the door with a SWAT team, shoot your dog, pepper spray your wife, cuff your kids, and haul you in. The cops offer to drag you through court and maybe even lie to get a conviction unless you turn in more drug dealers, they also can confiscate your home, vehicle and posessions with only suspicion that it was used in smuggling or selling #drugs.

Kinda makes you wish you had not carried you standard issue human #tracker with you everywhere not knowing if there was something suspicious that you might get tangled up in.

More likely is situations like the Arab spring(summer,fall, winter, spring, summere…) where governments may direct secret police to monitor the #mobile phone #network logs to track people.

Bing tinfoil hat about #privacy is like being tinfoil hat about the law, you never know when you will be mistaken as a much bigger fish than you actually are. I used to be a SWAT team medic, the busts we made were sometimes ridiculous, the way the family of the suspect were often treated was even worse, so yea, I got issued a tin plated kevlar helmet.


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