so if you know #gmic ( it can work with luts (colour lookup tables). and gmic comes with a set of tables by itself.

so it is easy to apply luts to images by using these default luts. i don’t know yet how those luts originated, did anyone test, for instance, films, shooting colour checkers under reference light, but i wanted to see how the luts look. all of them. so i made a small script which callse gmic with all presets.

gmic -input $i map_clut $l -output ${j}_${l}.jpg

and now i can compare those. as $l represents lut name, the names of files have lut in them. i did not choose any particularly good image in terms of colours or scene, just something what i found in my phone that day.

so you can find my tests at and #lut #graphics #photo

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