This #sci-if was written by #Stanislaw-Lem back in #1971 and it is still actual. I would like to share a #quote from it:

The United States ambassador himself was there, and gave a short speech on the need for international cooperation - short, as he was surrounded by six muscular plainclothesmen who kept their guns trained on us all the time. I was rather disconcerted by this, especially when the dark skinned delegate from India standing next to me had to wipe his nose and reached for the handkerchief in his back pocket. The official spokesmen for the Futurological Association assured me afterwards that the measures taken had been both necessary and humane. Bodyguards now employ weapons of high caliber and low penetration, the kind security agents carry on board passenger flights in order that innocent bystanders not be harmed. In the old days it often happened that the bullet which felled the would-be assassin would subsequently pass through five or even six persons who, though minding their own business, where standing directly behind him. Still, the sight of a man at your side crumpling to the floor under heavy fire is not among the most pleasant, even if it is the result of a simple misunderstanding, which ends with an exchange of diplomatic notes and official apologies.

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