what defines us? not what we tell/believe about ourselves.

may be what we imagine, what we believe about those we do not know. yet.

about those we do not know, because when you do not know the environment, you do not know the walls, and hit your head. many times. after some tries you have a certain understanding of the environment, and you can make judgements about it with the pain in your head. I do not want to believe that judgements we do still feeling pain, are those that describe us.

I tend to think that what we imagine, that’s about us.

And then, if our aspirations to cognize someone else find reciprocity, we have the option to get to know the other person better.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

— why do you think he is nostalgic about Stalin times?
— why? — because he lacks imagination!
— imagination?
— yes. he is able to imagine himself standing on mavzolei in a hat, but he is unable to imagine himself in gulag. however i can imagine him at both places. (:

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

most of the human religions known to me consider that the god is creator, and he created everything. i don’t know how it describes god, but i think it’s about us. it means we ourselves are creators. creativity is essential feature for us. no wonder the word creative usually doesn’t mean something nasty, and used in positive context. nobody says - “such a creative girl, that is disgusting”. we are delighted by creative people. and because early humans were creative too, they thought that other things they didn’t create, and have no idea how to create, were created by someone mighty.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)