She was very upset.

Because she decided to take the class she could skip, it wasn’t a major. That might be a good opportunity to make the work done, as she thought, because that would be a university assignment.

Eventually she was very upset, because she did not like the result. In spite that it was appreciated by the teacher. Also, she realized that it was impossible to make the assignment good enough with her experience, and this time frame.

What I think is, that is normal and even amazing! Firstly, it’s normal that she does not like the work she has had done, because she understands that it’s a crap. However, if she would be very happy about the result, that would raise questions.

Secondly, this is very similar to relationships. First romantic relationships are “predestined” to be bad and painful. Because you don’t know yourself, your needs, expectations yet. Thus relationships must hurt, and they are condemned to breakup. At the same time, if you don’t get through it, you don’t know yourself better, don’t get relationship skills, and don’t have potential for better relationships in the future. Or a better work results.

Would I suggest to someone I care about to not get in to romance, or to not take the class, by knowing it’ll end up painfully? No, because that’s a human existence. Humans have to be hurt. Since we got out from the ocean, and “decided” to develop there’s no other way. Human’s life is spiked with pain, and that’s the best destiny they can have. Otherwise they are whether too naive, or too stupid, or too lucky. The latter is very unprobable.


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